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  1. The swimmer was released from the hospital a few days later and was at home recovering this week
  2. The deadly January drug raid of a home killed a couple who lived there and injured five officers
  3. A free PoliceOne guide to police fleet vehicle design and procurement
  4. Trooper Nicholas Hopkins, 33, was a 10-year veteran of the force
  5. Jim and Doug discuss how actions such as the firing of Dan Pantaleo fan the flames of the continuing trend of de-motivation and de-policing in America
  6. This week's photo comes from Melissa Morris of the NCDMV License & Theft Bureau in North Carolina. Morris writes: "The NCDMV License & Theft Bureau is the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in North Carolina, after a special legislative session created the organization in 1921 to enforce motor vehicle laws. One of our many duties is to inspect antique vehicles to prevent...
  7. The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating
  8. “When she took off running, and we got the call, we thought: ‘Oh sure,’” Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said
  9. Words like “felon,” “offender,” “convict” and “parolee” would be swapped for what’s described as people-first language
  10. The LEO stumbled on debris piled in front of the cubby hole where the suspect was hiding. The fall kept him out of the line of fire, DA says

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