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  1. The case was dismissed the same day the district attorney's office announced it will review more than 1,400 cases worked by the Houston LEO
  2. Authorities say the man who opened fire on an officer during a traffic stop was in the U.S. illegally and had been deported three times
  3. The Vitals app and Bluetooth beacon share critical, user-specific information to guide first responders in interactions with vulnerable persons
  4. The officer is in the midst of dealing with a civil lawsuit for another fatal shooting that occurred in 2018
  5. Tyler Technologies’ New World RMS provide role-based information that improves agency efficiency, performance tracking and situational awareness
  6. All five officers who were wounded in the deadly shooting at an Illinois warehouse have been released from the hospital
  7. The officer was struck several times in the upper torso but is expected to survive
  8. The thin blue line flag was donated by State Capitol Police to honor law enforcement officers
  9. The officer was pronounced dead at the scene after a pickup driver struck his car head-on
  10. Here are the ways police supporters can render assistance without getting in the way of a cop's own tactics

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