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  1. Police say churchgoers detained the gunman calling their intervention an act of "exceptional heroism and bravery"
  2. Removing the groups from the list rescinds a range of sanctions that the designations had entailed
  3. Authorities were still working to confirm the authenticity of a 180-page manifesto that was posted online that detailed the plot
  4. Aaron Salter is credited with confronting and shooting the assailant at the supermarket before being fatally shot
  5. Erie County Sheriff: "This was pure evil. It was straight up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community."
  6. Four officers engaged with the suspect for roughly six minutes trying to de-escalate the situation
  7. The first shooting involved three victims, while 17 more people were injured in a second shooting about two hours later
  8. This gut-wrenching story details an officer’s battle with PTSI while offering a psychologist’s insights about trauma and healing
  9. The Louisville Metro PD had previously loosened restrictions on pursuits
  10. An award-winning comic book writer has penned a new graphic novel about law enforcement, and is using some of the proceeds to give back

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