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  1. Authorities have confirmed at least one storm death in Florida, but a Fla. sheriff says the death toll could be "in the hundreds"
  2. The Lucas Chest Compression System helps alleviate fatigue during the delivery of CPR
  3. Nearly 200 children, ranging in age from elementary to high school, toured the National Museum of African American History & Culture during the trip
  4. Drug dealers and users are using cookie emojis to order large batches of drugs or a tree leaf emoji to inquire if someone is selling marijuana
  5. Officials said the flames broke out around 2:30 a.m. and the vehicles were fully engulfed when fire crews arrived
  6. ‘Shoebert’ the seal was originally found in a nearby pond, but escaped, eventually ‘turning himself in’ to police a week later
  7. Police did not say whether the person killed was a patient, employee or visitor
  8. Officers were conducting surveillance on the suspect stemming from warrants associated with a home invasion and bank robbery
  9. It is the first increase in the Seattle Police Department's budget since the City Council began reducing funding in 2020
  10. In the past two years, the number of police officers admitted for treatment at Harbor of Grace have more than tripled

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