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  1. Agencies should have solid policies and procedures in place to ensure the proper operation of their UAS program
  2. NYPD officials described it as a "brazen, coordinated" attack
  3. Officer Courtney Couch was paddle boarding when she fell into the water and did not resurface, police said
  4. Andy Traylor was traveling in his patrol vehicle when an 18-wheeler did a U-turn in front of him, causing the vehicles to collide
  5. These laws will cause every law enforcement and corrections agency and all its officers to reconsider the way they go about their jobs
  6. “I have to commend the four officers for the incredible restraint that was shown on [body camera] video,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea
  7. There is nothing more effective for building trust than personal, positive contacts between the police and those they protect and serve
  8. A wayward alligator was quickly sent on its way
  9. The department said it's seeing positive results from recent recruiting initiatives aimed at greater diversity
  10. The dozen or so units respond to at least 26 calls a day, some of which take hours to resolve, officials said

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