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  1. The most high-profile bill would allow a panel to decertify officers who engaged in "serious misconduct"
  2. The shooting of Miles Jackson has sparked days of unrest in Columbus, Ohio
  3. A man suspected in the shooting has been arrested
  4. "There is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution,” officials said in a statement
  5. Officer Kim Potter will face a second-degree manslaughter charge for the shooting that has ignited days of unrest
  6. Demonstrators managed to get through the first set of doors, but were met by officers at a second set of doors, officials said
  7. "Taking the term 'flying home' a bit too far," officers said
  8. Officers were also poorly equipped with expired ammunition and shields that broke easily, the report says
  9. Carbondale Police Interim Chief Stan Reno said the officers' actions would normally go against policy but were a "potentially life-or-death decision"
  10. The unions had sought to block Gov. Cuomo’s repeal of a law that concealed disciplinary records

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