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  1. Law enforcement officers must anticipate and prepare for intense scrutiny surrounding an officer-involved shooting
  2. Check out the newest SIG firearms, ammunition and electro-optics on display at this year’s SIG Sauer range day
  3. When carrying a gun daily it’s easy to get caught up in what gun is the best, but we sometimes forget to think about our ammunition
  4. Patrolman Edward Nortrup was a 13-year veteran of the Roselle Park Police Department
  5. The video shows officers repeatedly attempting to de-escalate the situation before the suspect rushed toward them, knife in hand
  6. A new law requires police departments to report deaths by suicide to the attorney general and creates a required suicide prevention training program for officers
  7. When authorities attempted to arrest Daniel Booth, he ran away and dove into a pond
  8. Police officials are examining whether the 20 officers accused of falsifying field interview cards did so because of departmental pressure to produce statistics
  9. Officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama were both described by family, friends as inspirational, loving and outgoing
  10. Police departments can now hand off surveillance of vehicle pursuits from one jurisdiction to another safely, quickly, and at minimal risk to the public

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