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  1. Don't let victim thinking undermine your warrior spirit and sabotage your aspirations for peak performance
  2. Officer Rasheen McClain was described as a gifted and professional leader
  3. Trooper Jason Hofmann was investigating a crash when a van drifted to the side of the road
  4. Darius Moody collided with a truck before running from police on foot and hiding in a gas station's cooler
  5. Reducing abatement costs, recouping funds, and diverting youth from criminal activity go from goals to realities
  6. Preliminary reports say two officers were seriously injured when two patrol cars collided with each other
  7. Prosecutors say they ''needed more information' in order to charge the five men
  8. Park officials say the shirt violated park policy meant to help guests identify active law enforcement easily
  9. Book showcases police uniforms from more than 60 cities
  10. A second officer was shot in the leg and was reported in serious condition

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