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  1. Challenging times require officers to be resilient in our thinking, intentional in our communication and disciplined in our personal time
  2. There is one escape from the headlock that recognizes the danger of the hold
  3. As training and events move to an online experience, follow these tips to maximize your socially distanced education and networking
  4. First responders rescued a 2-year-old child who remains on life support; a 15-year-old died
  5. Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. police officers and other LE personnel
  6. Demonstrators threw objects and pointed strobe lights at officers
  7. School officials said the incident occurred in a campus parking lot
  8. The tribe’s checkpoint rules say non-residents driving non-commercial out-of-state vehicles are never allowed through the reservation
  9. Police responded to shut down the party, which had between 300 and 400 attendees
  10. Lt. Troy Morris was fatally shot while working his part-time job as a postal service delivery driver

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