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Police News

  1. Sheriff Andy Clark was responding to assist with a call when he was fatally injured in a traffic crash
  2. Federal prosecutors say the three men have been arrested on terrorism-related charges
  3. Police Chief Jami Resch appealed to residents for help navigating the tension between the massive peaceful demonstrations and the violence and chaos that has followed
  4. In an official tweet, DHSMV said it found remarks by Trooper Daniel Maldonado "abhorrent and reprehensible"
  5. Sheriff Larry Sims said he would not be enforcing business restrictions, nor visiting places where masks were required
  6. Chief Erika Shields told officers multiple agencies have ended support for the department in the ongoing protests
  7. Chief Paul Pazen said the department would re-examine the department's use of force, hiring and training policies
  8. John Kaleb Gillespie attempted to kill Alabama State Trooper Adam Marsh in November 2018 while trying to elude police after escaping from jail
  9. A protester tackled the suspect, who shouted "this is a revolution" and "President Trump must die" before being taken into custody
  10. Three officers were attacked while on anti-looting patrol in New York City but large gatherings remained peaceful and compliant

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