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  1. Joshua Shenker, 22, was arrested after Thursday's crash
  2. The crowd of pedestrians had gathered around the officer's car and were pounding on the car's windows
  3. The nation's largest sheriff's department is under investigation for potential civil rights violations
  4. Georgia is now back home with her loving family
  5. The bill has strong bipartisan support
  6. Shocking helicopter video shows the deputy flying over the hood of the car
  7. Henderson PD officer Marc Geiger discusses his experience with atrial fibrillation and a transient ischemic attack while on duty
  8. The man purposefully rammed into Sgt. Brian LaVigne's patrol car, meriting the capital felony charge, said a state attorney
  9. The suspect runs down a hallway as officers shoot at him and is ultimately detained by a SWAT team
  10. The publications focus on the unique recruitment, retention and operational challenges of rural law enforcement agencies

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