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  1. The officers were in an SUV when the pedicab approached
  2. The project-based course gives students and law enforcement a chance to see each other's perspectives
  3. The clearance rate this year so far is 41%, compared to 46% at the same time last year
  4. In this second installation of a three-part series, victims of drug abuse discuss the antidote's critical role in recovery
  5. People caught with amounts for their personal use would have the option of paying $100 fines or attending new, free addiction recovery centers
  6. The Terry stop is a versatile law enforcement tool for officers, but we must be aware of the hazards in these contacts and use tactics to mitigate them
  7. Learn how policies and training, backed by accountability tools, help mitigate risk and prepare law enforcement agencies for today's challenges
  8. Credentialing organizations will determine if applying law enforcement agencies meet requirements for funding
  9. The lawsuit is a counterclaim to a civil complaint that Kenneth Walker filed against Louisville Police
  10. Organizers say they intend to bring the event back in 2022

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