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  1. The bill was named in honor of Deputy Darren Almendarez who was killed while trying to stop three men attempting to steal his vehicle’s catalytic converter
  2. Some questioned whether authorities should have sought a red flag order when the suspect threatened his grandparents and vowed to become the “next mass killer"
  3. The situation was described as “highly chaotic and rapidly evolving,” which led to additional rounds being fired by both the responding officers and the suspect
  4. When it comes to police duty gear, embrace the motto: "Buy once, cry once!"
  5. Prosecutors told the 12-member jury that Kenneth Earl Gay, now 65, shot LAPD motor officer Paul Verna five times as he lay on the ground the day of his killing
  6. Body-worn camera video shows two deputies rushing to get into the home and then quickly performing CPR on the unresponsive toddler
  7. Officers inside the theater, where the graduation ceremony had been taking place, heard gunfire and radioed to police stationed outside, who found multiple victims
  8. In this excerpt from "Leading the Small Police Department," author Chief Gerald Garner breaks down how to battle the enemies of good communication
  9. How law enforcement and educators can develop effective threat assessment teams to stop school violence
  10. I strongly recommend every administrator, trainer, supervisor and field training officer read this report, which will help police academies chart a course for the future

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