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Ontario Police DARE program is funded by donations and contributions by local businesses, organizations and the general public. All of the Officers greatly appreciate the time and money given to the DARE program for the Ontario children. Our DARE program currently interacts with the 5th grade and contains 10 lessons. DARE kids graduate with a certificate of completion. Our DARE officer must complete an extensive two week training program that instructs them in teaching the lessons, reaching out to children, dealing with the public, and more!

Our DARE Officer can do presentations at your next business or organization's meeting, or at your community function. Contact Ptl / SRO Adam Gongwer for more information or to schedule a presentation. Included in the presentation is interacting with the children to make them more comfortable with Officers in uniform, answer any questions the attendees may have, pass out literature on drug awareness, child safety, teen driving, effects of marijuana, bicycle safety, etc.

SRO Adam Gongwer (pictured above), Lt. Brian Williams (pictured below)

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