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  1. "It's shocking... that such an evil and wicked person could infiltrate LE while concealing his true identity as a computer predator and murderer," police said
  2. The couple was in the process of finalizing the adoption of their 8-year-old daughter when they received a call about an abandoned baby
  3. Higher education has many benefits for law enforcement – here’s how to realize them while you work
  4. The exercise was designed to assess whether cadets recognize when to use nonlethal force; Timothy Rankine was the only recruit to shoot the virtual suspect
  5. The rescue happened more than seven hours after the man "split from another hunter he had been with" and vanished into the swamp
  6. When the suspect was asked about why he assaulted the officer, he said: “It’s Thanksgiving. I didn’t have anyone to spend it with. I might as well take it out on y’all”
  7. The group has openly expressed their disdain for a new police training facility they believe will threaten the environment
  8. The police union said the report was written to "elicit a more punitive approach" and it omitted context about legitimate reasons panels might have for recommending a lesser penalty
  9. The draft policy's advancement prompted an outcry; the vote is scheduled for Nov. 29
  10. The department set up a trust fund to provide assistance with medical bills, groceries and other necessities for the couple and their two boys

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